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Under-11 footballers being 'racially abused'


A club’s footballers including members of its under-11 team are being racially abused, the club says.Arif Aziz, chairman of FC Peterborough, which has several British Asian players, said it was “rare” not to have a “race-related” incident.In one under-11s match, opposition players apparently mimicked planes crashing into buildings, referencing the 9/11 terrorist attacks.The club said it felt “let down” by local county football associations.Players and officials described other offensive racist insults to the BBC. In a Facebook post, FC Peterborough player Zahid Hamid said the club had reported racist incidents to the FAs, but no-one had been reprimanded.

Mr Hamid, 22, a finance professional, said: “I’m sick and tired of seeing this constant barrage of abuse and consistent disregard towards our club’s serious cases of racism and Islamophobia.”Former Peterborough United footballer Gabriel Zakuani said in response to Mr Hamid’s post that he was “absolutely disgusted”.Chairman Mr Aziz said: “I’ve been a victim to it before when I used to play, 30 years ago. Naively, I thought we had moved on, not regressed. “As a club we are proactively looking at measures to level the playing field, and I’m sure if our games were recorded we could catalogue the incidents, but unfortunately due to lack of funds this is not possible.”Huntingdonshire FA said it took “all forms of discrimination seriously and acts upon any report with the utmost urgency”, and encouraged victims of discrimination to report it to them.Cambridgeshire FA said while the club was not affiliated to any league it ran, it “actively encourages any allegations of discriminatory behaviour to be reported to us in order for us to investigate them”.Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire FAs have yet to respond to BBC requests for comment.
Source: BBC Cambs