Home news St Neots shooting: Officer shot man he 'feared might kill'

St Neots shooting: Officer shot man he 'feared might kill'


A firearms officer shot a man who took his children hostage, fearing he was about to kill, an inquest has heard.Richard Davies, 41, died of a single gunshot wound to the chest after shooting at police in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, in October 2015. An officer, referred to as I7, told jurors he “fired one shot” at Mr Davies “to try and stop him firing again”.Previously, the inquest in Peterborough heard Mr Davies wanted to end his life after learning his marriage was over.Jurors heard he tied up his children at the house in Duck Lane after spending the day drinking but they managed to escape and call 999.

Officer I7 described how, as his police car arrived at the scene, he heard a bang and saw Mr Davies fire a shot from an upstairs window.He said: “There was a loud bang, quite a lot of smoke from near his hands and a flash of light.”I believed he had already shot at police and I believed he was about to do it again.”Believing there was an immediate threat, I aimed at the centre of what I could see, which was the middle of his chest, and fired one shot to try and stop him firing again.”I was worried that he was about to kill one of my colleagues or a member of the public .”Another officer told the hearing on Friday that a Taser and baton gun would not have been effective as Mr Davies was inside the property and too far away from them.The Independent Police Complaints Commission said a gun and two knives were found inside the home.The jury inquest continues.
Source: BBC Cambs