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Rosie Hospital Channel 4 stillbirths documentary filming ends


Filming for a Channel 4 documentary about stillbirths, which was criticised for unwittingly recording mothers in a hospital, has stopped.A written notice near fixed cameras at the Rosie Hospital in Cambridge stated recording was taking place.However, a charity questioned whether consent was being lawfully obtained.The hospital said filming had finished by “an agreed timeline”. Earlier the production company had said cameras would operate for as long as required.A Cambridge University Hospital spokesman said: “Filming at clinic 23 has stopped in line with the filming agreement made with True Vision Productions earlier this year. “However, we are committed to the documentary and will continue to work with True Vision.”

On Tuesday, the BBC was told by True Vision that the cameras would stay in place for “as long as it took to get the footage needed”.The hospital spokesman said its agreement was that filming would end in December. Some cameras may remain in place but are now accompanied by signs confirming that they are no longer in use, the hospital confirmed.The cameras, which filmed 24 hours a day, were in a section of the maternity unit mothers are taken to if they have serious problems after their first trimester.The devices were in position for three months.Healthcare professionals did not tell patients the cameras were there, but notices in the room did warn that filming was taking place.The recording is automatically deleted after a certain amount of time if permission for the footage to be shown was not subsequently given by the women filmed.The human rights charity Birthrights wrote to the Rosie saying it had “serious concerns” over “whether consent is being lawfully obtained and whether women are being treated in a respectful way”.
Source: BBC Cambs