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Prof Osborne! Former chancellor lands sixth job


George Osborne is to become honorary professor of economics at the University of Manchester – his sixth job since the former Chancellor left the Cabinet last year.

Mr Osborne’s new job is due to start in July and will likely entail no more than a few lectures and visits a year.
His more high-profile job is as editor of the Evening Standard newspaper.
He is also an adviser to investment management firm BlackRock; chairman of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership; a fellow at US think tank the McCain Institute; and a speaker for the Washington Speakers Bureau, for which he makes lucrative after-dinner speeches around the world.

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In March it was revealed the Conservative politician has already earned £800,000 for speeches since being replaced as chancellor last July.
He is no longer an MP as he stepped down at this month’s General Election.

The new job will allow Mr Osborne to continue his work on the Northern Powerhouse initiative, aimed at developing economic growth and connectivity in cities in northern England.
“I am bowled over by this honour,” Mr Osborne said.
“I remain completely committed to that idea that together the different communities in the North can work together so that the whole is greater than the parts – and I believe more strongly than I ever did that the entire country, including our capital, would benefit from a stronger North.”

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“That’s why I remain closely involved as chair of the Northern Powerhouse Partnership, and look forward to playing a part in the life of the University of Manchester.”

Source: Sky News