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Pregnant pony killed by falling tree in Peterborough storm


A pregnant Shetland pony died after being hit by a falling tree blown over by strong winds.Cookie died when a “huge” tree fell on her in a paddock in Peterborough, also striking her stable as gusts reached 74mph at about 06:00 GMT on Thursday.The pony died instantly, owner Jade Clube said.Her other miniature pony, Elvis, the father of Cookie’s unborn foal managed to escape, as the Peterborough Telegraph reported.Ms Clube told the BBC she was “heartbroken” by the death of miniature pony Cookie, who she had owned for about five years, and who was due to give birth in three months’ time.She said they were called at about 06:00 to say a tree had fallen.”We got there 10 minutes’ later, but Cookie was already dead,” said Ms Clube. “She didn’t get away quickly enough and died from a blow to her head.”

The stable she shared with partner Elvis in the Castor area of the city was also hit by the tree.”If they had been inside, we might have lost them both. You would never think a tree that big could come down,” Ms Clube, 25, said.

“If I had known for one moment that could happen, I’d have done anything. I’d have had her in my house.” Cookie was “loved by everyone,” her owner said, and at Christmas took part in the Nativity at the local church.
Source: BBC Cambs