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March stolen horses: Seven found, one still missing


Seven of the eight miniature horses and foals stolen when thieves cut through an electric fence have been found.The five horses – the largest of which is about 0.8m (2ft 8in) in height – and three foals were taken on 13 July from a field near March, Cambridgeshire.Two were found in Christchurch on Tuesday and five in a field near Beck Row travellers’ site in Suffolk on Wednesday, police said.However, a palomino mare, Barbie, is still missing.No-one has been arrested in connection with the thefts and inquiries are continuing, Cambridgeshire Police said.More news from CambridgeshireThieves cut through a 12,000-volt fence at the house in Stonea to take the animals, which owners Daniel and Jo Everett had bred for showing.

The couple were involved in rescuing some of the animals with police on Tuesday.”We got a phone call from the police that they had eyes on our horses and to be on stand by,” Mrs Everett said.When they got to the field, she said the “mares were tied with seatbelts around their necks and two had no access to water”.The animals were rounded up and taken back to the stables.

Seven of the eight horses and foals are now home, but all are “thin, dehydrated and confused”, she said.One also has a leg wound which is being treated with antibiotics.The couple have appealed for the return of mare Barbie, but praised officers involved in the investigation.”There was a huge police presence. They were amazing and two had come in on their own holiday time,” Mrs Everett said.
Source: BBC Cambs