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'Hypocrite' left flowers for 'his victim'


A man on trial for murdering his childhood friend has been accused of “awful hypocrisy” for laying flowers in tribute to him.Abdul Korim Ali denies killing James Cromwell, 27, who died from a single stab wound to the heart in Darwin Drive, Cambridge, on 30 June.Mr Ali, 25, said he was unwell in bed at home at the time of the stabbing, Cambridge Crown Court heard.He laid flowers for Mr Cromwell, who collapsed in nearby Stretten Avenue.’I’m sorry, man’Tahir Khan, defending, said Mr Ali had been ill from 28 June and added a cut on his finger, which prosecutors claim happened in the stabbing, had actually happened on 29 June.The court heard Mr Ali said he had last seen Mr Cromwell, who he had known since primary school, at about 20:30 on 30 June.Mr Cromwell was stabbed about two hours later, at a time Mr Ali claimed he was in bed.The jury was previously told drugs formed the “backdrop for murder” and witnesses heard the pair arguing in the road where Mr Ali lived.

David Jeremy QC, prosecuting, said Mr Ali called Mr Cromwell’s younger brother Luke shortly after the death saying: “I’m sorry, man. I didn’t mean to. I don’t want to go to prison.”In his evidence Luke Cromwell said: “You’re never going to forget something like that.”Mr Jeremy accused Mr Ali of giving a “cold, flat, emotionless, over-rehearsed story” during evidence.”His problem is he can fake the words of innocence, fake the actions of innocence, shown by the awful hypocrisy of taking flowers to the scene of where James Cromwell died, but he cannot fake emotion,” said Mr Jeremy, before the jury retired to make their verdict.

The prosecution has dropped charges of perverting the court of justice against Mr Ali and his younger brother Abdul Salam Ali, 24.Abdul Salam Ali also faces a charge of intimidating a witness.
Source: BBC Cambs