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Cambridge Fitzwilliam inspires 'professor of swords' dream job for boy


A 12-year-old boy’s hopes of becoming a “professor of swords” might have moved a step closer to reality after he wrote to a museum about his “dream career”.The child sent a letter to research assistant Helen Ritchie after visiting Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum.”I would really like your advice please about how I could become a professor of swords,” the boy wrote.His tweeted letter prompted a reply from Leeds Royal Armouries which said it would be “happy to help”.”Today I received the best letter. Things like this are why I love my job,” Miss Ritchie wrote on Twitter, where she posted part of the letter.More news from CambridgeshireThe boy, whose name has not been released, was prompted to set pen to paper after viewing the collection of weapons at the Cambridge University museum.”I am very interested in swords and medieval weapons,” he wrote, before mentioning a possible professorship in swords, and asking: “Is there anything you think I should be doing to achieve my dream career?”

Dozens of people, including many academics have commented on the letter, suggesting the child becomes a “swordologist” or alternatively a “doctor of daggers”, although most agreed they also secretly aspired to be a professor of swords.Laura Bell, head of collections at the Royal Armouries in Leeds and the Tower of London, wrote: “Amazing! This young genius definitely has something @Royal_Armouries happy to help too.”It was “so nice to hear of young people being inspired by museums” and the Armouries would be happy to show the boy its own collections, she added.The child’s hopes may not be that much of a pipe dream as Cambridge University has in the past advertised for, and employed, a “doctor of chocolate” and a “Lego professor of play”.A “professor of swords” might not, therefore, be completely out of the question.

Source: BBC Cambs