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Cambridge Firm Values Vaccination


Cambridge pharmaceutical business Timestrip, based at Cambridge Business Park have developed a wearable device to ensure that children in Pakistan are protected with vaccinations.

Timestrip is a low cost device that provides the mother with a visual reminder over a fourteen week period of when vaccinations are due.

This is proving to be more effective than a reminder on a card that can often be misplaced.

Timestrip developed this soft, plastic strip to fit comfortably around the baby’s ankle inconjuction with the Trust for Vaccines & Immunization  on the Vaccine Indicator Reminder  band.

The World Health Organisation, estimates that 2.5m lives will be saved due to successful completion of the vaccination programme, has been reported that around 60% of Pakistans children do not benefit from the protection of the vaccines due to some being missed.

This innovative UK designed product will be instrumental to improving the health of Pakistan babies and children.